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Yuletide 2016!

Hello, new best friend! This is my Yuletide letter. Yay!

First things first: I am easy to please. Please do not stress about this! I'm good with whatever you find in your heart to write for me. Seriously! This is my seventh Yuletide, I think. So we're all in this together.

LIKES: You can never, ever go wrong with friends falling in love. It is my favorite trope. People with history who finally find their way to each other. Yes, please. Rawr. I also love reunions, if you couldn't tell. When people meet again after not seeing each other for a long time--are the feelings still there, or is it complicated? Also: making out, first times, people being really good at their jobs, pining and longing (even if unrequited), nostalgia, canon references, karma and fate and the universe, doggies, confessions, confrontations. Infidelity and betrayal is fine, but I would like some resolution before the end of it all. Supernatural elements could be fun--vampires, ghosts, time travel, etc. I'm also a huge fan of angst with a happy ending--I want my characters to earn and deserve the things that make them happy.

I do tend to lean more toward shippy things than gen, but if you feel more comfortable with gen, I assure you that I will love it no matter what. Really!

DISLIKES: - Epithets, character bashing, graphic violence, total fluff without any hint of angst, but also not complete angst and death and sadness without a bit of fluff, etc. I'm not into baby/pregnancy stuff unless it's kind of an inner struggle situation--i.e., do I want a kid or do I think I want one because society expects it? Or whatever. Exception is Gwen Stefani since she's already got kids and hell, I wouldn't mind if she had a couple dozen with Blake Shelton. I'm not even sure what A/B/O is but I don't think I'm into it. Animal abuse is a no. I don't have any triggers, really, so don't worry about that.

MEH: I'm meh on AUs--coffee shops and college AUs have never been big in my fandoms so I'm not even all that familiar with them. I do like an AU that takes off from canon, kind of "what happened if this one thing was different" kind of thing. Crossovers could be fun but completely not necessary, but other shows I dig include: Friends, CSI, Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Big Bang Theory, The West Wing, etc. I'm also newly obsessed with This is Us and The Good Place. Holiday fic can be cute and such but it's not required. I'm cool with Christmas and all other associated religious and non-religious holidays/gatherings.

PORN: - I'm in! I like handcuffs and other assorted light bondage situations, dub con, rough sex (hair pulling and spanking for example) lip biting, teasing/build-up/foreplay, etc. Not particularly into anything more graphic than that. I'm also a sucker for student/teacher and age differences, ooh, and height differences! Also: Bonus points for sexy times near/on a piano...that scene in Pretty Woman left a very long lasting impression on my psyche, if you know what I mean. Please note: none of this is necessary at all; I love fic without porn just as much as fic with it!

Whatever you have in your heart, give it to me. I will love it. One last thing: here and here is where my fic is located, in case you care. My OTPs that aren't eligible for Yuletide are Grissom and Sara from CSI (forever and ever) and Sheldon and Penny on Big Bang Theory. Also, feel free to stalk me around the internets if you're bored. Tumblr, Twitter, LastFM. Get you some.


Characters: Henry, Clare, Alba
This is the first year I've actually nominated stuff and I'm SO EXCITED this is a thing. It's my most favorite book ever. I've read it like 35 times. What I love the most is how Henry and Clare are just kind of bound together. They never actually met each other for the first time at the same time. Their meeting in the library when he doesn't even know about Clare yet but she's been in love with him her entire life...be still, my heart. And Alba time travels, too! I know Audrey is writing a book about Alba and I'm excited for that to happen. But meanwhile, I want to know more about Alba's adventures. Maybe how she gets around the whole arrives everywhere naked thing. What time does she most enjoy going to? Does she ever just want to settle down and be normal? And anything about Henry and Clare. What happens when he visits her when she's in her eighties? Or like...literally anything else. Maybe Clare starts to time travel somehow, just so she can go find Henry somewhere in time. Whatever, I will read anything about the two of them. Their love story never ceases to inspire me.

Characters: Axl, Duff, Slash
Okay, so here's where I tell you that I have been obsessed with Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose for literally almost 25 years of my life. I go through phases where I can be a normal person; these phases can last years, even, but then Axl comes back from wherever he's been and my senses start firing again and I become alive with insanity. This year has been AMAZING with the reunion and with Axl singing for AC/DC. Everyone loves a comeback, and Axl is kicking ass. I would love to know how the reunion happened. Axl said in an interview that he had his people call Slash and eventually Slash came to Axl's house for dinner to talk about what could possibly happen with the band. The tour is literally called Not in This Lifetime because it was never going to happen. Why did Axl change his mind? What happened to make them stop speaking for so long in the first place? Oh, and I love Duff, and I love Axl and Duff's friendship over the years. Duff can do no wrong. He is an amazing specimen of a human. You can totes include other members of the band/Steven/Izzy/Sebastian Bach/whoever, but these are the main three I'm interested in.

Note: I do not particularly ship any of them romantically, so maybe try to stay away from that if possible. I do, however, think that Axl and Slash are better together than apart. I have seen Guns N' Roses live 7 times, twice with the reunited line-up, and although I did love the band Axl had going for a while, there's just something really special about Axl, Slash and Duff together on stage.

Characters: Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine
Okay, so. Before the Voice happened to me last year, RPF always kinda squicked me out. But then Gwen and Blake happened and, well, I got over the squick. I have written a lot of fanfic about these two, so for Yuletide, I'm kinda asking for something different. If you want to write about just Blake and Gwen, I'm all about it. How did it start? Were they the catalyst for their divorces? What was the first kiss like (I'm guessing it was pretty awesome seeing how Gwen wrote like 15 songs about it)? What was their first fight about/what do they fight about at all? Stuff like this. BUT. I know there's a huge Adam/Blake contingency out there and I wouldn't mind exploring an OT3, or 4 if you want to include Behati. How did Adam react when Blake and Gwen got together? Was he jealous? You know. Stuff. I just want all of them in there somewhere, even if Adam is just observing.

Characters: Jordan, Angela, Brian
It's been 20 years and I'm just not over this show. I'm not. Angela is me. I am Angela. We are one. I have asked for this show every single year and I've gotten some pretty awesome stuff. And basically every year I ask for something Jordan/Angela, because they were my first OTP. I guess I'm just a sucker for the good girl/bad boy trope. A reunion would be great, or what happens after she gets in the car with Jordan, knowing that Brian wrote the letter. Anything! Annnnything. I personally feel like she and Jordan go out for a while and do end up having sex, but they break up because most relationships like that do come to an end eventually. Maybe she and Brian go to the same college and fall in love kind of and maybe Jordan comes to visit her and chaos ensues. I am also here for the other characters in the show--Patty, Graham, Rayanne, Ricky, literally everybody. Rayanne and Angela repairing their broken friendship is always a nice thought.

BONUS: I've always asked for Homeland but I only watched half of the last season. Bad, I know. But if you want to paint a picture of how Angela slowly morphed into Carrie and how that happened, I would so not mind that.

Characters: Stacey, Claudia, Kristy, Mary Anne.
This is another one I ask for every year, as it was a vital part of my childhood. Reunion fic is what I'm here for, essentially. I want to see how they grew up, what they're doing, if they still care about kids or if they got burned out on them, how their relationships with each other are like now. I would love to see Dawn, Jessi, Mallory and whomever else you'd like to include. I see there's a lot of other characters listed and I wouldn't mind if they made an appearance, but the girls in the club are who I'd like to focus on. Also not opposed to some porny things happening up in here. Just sayin'. I don't really ship any of them in particular but if I did, it would be Stacey and Claudia.

Characters: Mike Lawson, Ginny Baker.
This is a last minute addition because oh gosh, I am a bit obsessed with this show. I definitely want to know more about Ginny - what motivates her, what keeps her going in a game that wants her to give up. I'd like to know more about her relationship with her father, as well--I'd totally buy something supernatural-y here, like they did with the first episode. I'm also interested in Mike. We are the same age, so that always intrigues me. He has been in the league for a long time and never won a ring. How does he reconcile that as he looks back at his career? Also, what was he like when he was in Ginny's shoes as a rookie. Also, I'll freely admit that I'm shipper trash and I'd love to see something interesting happen with Mike and Ginny. You know, stuck in the same hotel room, fake relationship for the press (I don't know why that would happen but it intrigues me anyway), what have you. I'm here for the age difference, the fact that she had his posters in her room growing up, his compulsive need to protect her, etc. Porn is totally welcome here, btw. I dig all the other characters, too, but I'd like to focus on these two. But I'm totes cool with their friendship if you want to go gen.

I think that's about it at this time. Thank you so much for writing something for me. Whatever you write will be thoroughly appreciated by me, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an anon message on Tumblr. Also: Rock on.