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Yuletide 2016!

Hello, new best friend! This is my Yuletide letter. Yay!

Do come inCollapse )


What a time to be alive

A list of things I'd like to share at this time:

- It took me so very long, but I finished my real estate class and took the license exam and passed it! I'm now a licensed realtor. I never pictured that happening in my life, but life is weird. Also my job is somewhat terrifying on a daily basis now that I actually have to, you know, work and stuff. I saw former co-worker BFF this weekend and she was telling me how she reads entire books at work sometimes and she can take days off whenever she feels like it and OMG how I miss that. Because from what I've been told, real estate takes no days off. Hopefully this insanity will pay off when we start selling houses and I make some money. Money good. I like money.

- My stepdad had a heart attack this weekend. He's stable for now buttt...the future is not looking so great. He's 80, so it's just plain scary. My mom is literally the best person on this planet and I feel so bad when she has to go through stuff like this. Also, we were going to New York later this month to see my brother but that's been indefinitely postponed. I was kind of looking forward to it but shit happens. I just hope my stepdad can get stronger and live a lot longer. That rhymes.

- Okay. Okay, so reunited GNR played a show on Friday. Axl and Slash were on the same stage for the first time in 23 years. More than that, Axl looked (from what few pics and video I've seen, cameras weren't allowed in) hot and sounded amazing and was smiling all the time. He looks happy! I love a happy Axl.

As I've said before, I've been in this weird Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani place in my life for a few months, but it's time to come out of Axl fangirl hibernation, as I have on and off for the last nearly 25 years. I love being an Axl/GNR fan. I've been doing it most of my life and it's just so...satisfying. It makes me happy. I just love Axl so much, you guys! Oh my god. Not to mention the fact that he's been out of our lives for almost 2 years. That's too long. I miss him so much when he's gone. Sigh.

- I met a little black dog today. His name is Jack. He had puppy breath.

- Nothing too interesting at home currently. Josh and I are good, my dogs are idiots and I love them, and I am always obsessing over buying a new house. It will happen some time next year. Oh, yes.

That is all. I miss y'all. Rock on.


Hello, friend! Thank you for participating in Yuletide this year. I think this is my sixth year and it's always a lot of fun. I just want to say that I will love anything you write for me and don't worry about all the stuff I'm about to talk about. Okay? Rock on.

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Here I Go Again

I just paid $7.00 for a 2 month membership so I guess I'm in this now. It's like 2008 all over again up in here! Going through my old icons is fun.

I don't really have anything constructive to say at the moment so here is a list of what I'm watching lately:
- Madame Secretary
- Homeland
- CSI (sort of...I mean, you break up my OTP with one sentence and never address it ever again, I'm gonna lose the tiny shred of interest I had in this old ass show)
- Big Bang Theory (also sort of...the Lenny and Shamy show doesn't get my juices flowing)
- Modern Family
- The Good Wife
- Vampire Diaries
- Scandal
- How to Get Away with Murder
- NCIS: New Orleans
- Arrow

I know, my life is incredibly exciting, please don't be so jealous, it's embarrassing.

Yuletide up in here

Hello, Yuletide friend. Thanks for writing something for me! This is my sixth year participating and I'm excited. Obvs if you're writing anything for me, I will love it fiercely. So you know what's up--this is the stuff I like and don't like, but if you have an idea you want to go with, don't let me stop you. I will appreciate what you did for me no matter what. Well, probably.

Please, come in.Collapse )

Wreehhcckkk meeee

Hi, friends. I really have not a single interesting thing to say lately. I wish I did. But I do not. So...happy Halloween and rock on.

Motion - chapter 4

Title: Motion - chapter 4
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

It was innocent, but yet it wasn't. She had nothing to feel guilty about, and yet she did.Collapse )

Motion - chapter 3

Title: Motion - chapter 3
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

Penny discovered she loved learning the things she never picked up on before. And Sheldon was her favorite teacher.Collapse )

Motion - chapter 3

Title: Motion - chapter 3
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

Ever since Leonard made his announcement, Penny had been dreading the summer. But now she was looking forward to what kind of surprises it would bring.Collapse )

Motion - chapter 2

Title: Motion - chapter 2
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

These were not feelings Sheldon particularly knew what to do with, and it threw him off for almost the entire day.Collapse )

Motion - chapter 1

Title: Motion - chapter 1
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

And he preferred Penny's singing voice-not that he'd ever dare tell Amy that.Collapse )

Motion - prologue

Title: Motion - prologue
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Author: Lizwontcry
Spoilers: Current season.
Rating/Warnings: Teen, some language and such but nothing too mature...yet.
Disclaimer: I got nothin'.
Summary: Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

It was just one of the many things they're sharing during the summer Leonard is far, far away...Collapse )
I have been terrible about keeping up with livejournal. You all live in my heart and I am sorry for this. Maybe I'll be better. Maybe I won't. I'll try?

I just wanted to document this day because it's been long and weird and fangirl-devastating. Sooo. Here's a list.
- Woke up too late.

- Left for work too late.

- Story time: got in the car and turned on my ipod and Why Can't I Fall In Love by Ivan Neville came on random. The song is from Pump Up the Volume and I've always been obsessed with it, it's so sexy and argghh. This led me to think about the song from Gone in 60 Seconds, Painted on my Heart by the Cult. I wondered if I had it on my playlist because it's an awesome song and also very sexy, if you just don't think about Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage making out. Anyway, after Why Can't I Fall In Love plays, the next song is by Eve 6, and then the very next song was...Painted on my Heart. And I just can't get over it because I have hundreds of songs in my playlist and how could it possibly play the song I was just thinking about like that?! The only explanation I can think of is that my new car and I are so connected that it read my mind! Yes, I know how that sounds. But how else can it be explained?!

- There was a huge CSI episode on tonight and Jorja Fox did a Q&A on twitter. I asked her if she was still committed to the GSR after 13 years. And she answered me! And said she will always be committed to the GSR. This excited me so hard in my fangirl heart. I have written so much GSR fanfic and have been devoted to the cause for almost 8 years now, so her answering my question about it was just...yeah. Wow.

- And tonight's episode was devastating to a GSR fangirl. I can't believe they split up, I just cannot and will not believe it. 13 years of building their story together and it comes down to this mess. Get your shit together, writers. This can't be the end. Guhhh.

Oh, also I worked and that was annoying and I forgot to send out a file and that was stupid and I worked out and that was intense and also I ate too much and that was dumb.

That's really all I want to say today. You all live in my hearts, and rock on.

Heart of Gold

It was only a matter of time before this happened and we all know it.

Title: Heart of Gold
Author: Lizwontcry
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Rating: Mature
Summary: Gemma and Wayne have a complicated history; one where she's always breaking his heart and he's always letting her.
Spoilers: Season five.

Sometimes Gemma didn't know whether she wanted to protect him or fuck himCollapse )

New Years stuff.

Happy New Year, y'all. I hope 2013 is pleasant and stress and drama-free for everyone. I'm sure it won't be but it's a nice wish to have, right?

Last year at this time I was in Vegas and I was going to see GNR for the third time in a year. This year I'm at work. Then I'm going to Josh's, who will probably be going to sleep around 7:00. So I will spend the evening on the sofa with two dogs watching the entirety of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, which I guess I can't really complain about. This show...it owns my soul right now. I have never seen a show that is so damn good with continuity and the world it has built for itself. Kurt Sutter is my spirit animal.

This year was not particularly enjoyable and I'm ready to start a new one. Highlights of this year:
- Wound up in the hospital with gallstones, had to get them removed, now I can't eat ice cream. Fun!

- Josh was sick and lost a lot of weight. But now that he's on some good medication, he's still not a hundred percent, but he can at least eat without wanting to die. He still needs to see the GI doctor but who knows when we'll manage to get that appointment. I'm just glad the meds are working and we don't have to constantly worry about it anymore.

- Almost got fired by managing to spoil an entire fandom on a plot point that wouldn't happen for almost an entire month after I opened my idiot mouth. Oops?

- I wrote my longest story ever, 70,000 words, and it was fanfic for the Big Bang Theory. I'm proud of this, yes, but I'm also sad that I can't create my own characters and write about them nearly as much as I did with Sheldon and Penny. I have considered myself a writer since I was eight years old. I can do this and yet I choose not to. So exasperating.

- I did not lose weight. I did not write a novel. I turned 33 years old. My clock is ticking out of control and that's annoying because I'm not even sure I want kids/should have kids/am able to have kids. I did hardly anything with my photography. Pretty much, I was a lazy sack of crap and I hope to improve that situation in 2013.

- Things I discovered/obsessed myself with - The West Wing (again), Big Bang Theory/Sheldon and Penny (like I needed another OTP), Reddit, Sons of Anarchy, the Nerdist podcast/Chris Hardwick...yep.

I always like to say that I don't want to have any resolutions, but I do find myself wanting/wishing for a few things in 2013. It's only natural to look at a new year and want to improve things, right?

- I want to lose weight. This has been a resolution for about 20 years. I don't know why I think I can do it this year, other than the fact I absolutely have to if I want to have any measure of self-esteem ever again.

- I would really like to start dressing better. I pretty much dress like a college student at all times. Today I am wearing a Batman shirt, blue jeans that I wear almost every day that are torn on the bottom, and my maroon Doc Martins that I have had since college. I want to find a different pants situation and I want to wear skirts more. I just don't know how to accomplish this but it's been on my mind a lot lately. I am an adult. Time to start dressing like one.

- I want to at least think more about my photography situation. Ideally I want to at least talk to a few pet photographers in the area and see what I need to do to make things happen. I'm not sure I can make it a lasting career but at least I can make it more than a hobby.

- I want to get better at small talk/make new friends. I am terrible at both of these things. But if I have to spend another year of Saturday nights on my couch writing fanfic and watching That Metal Show instead of having people to hang out with at least every now and then, I will scream. Loudly.

- Write. That's it...just...write.

- And I would like to be a better friend/daughter/family member. First of all, I've had two people unfriend me here on LJ in the last week. I'll be better, I swear! You are all important to me. Also, my dad makes me crazy but he's getting older and I know he kind of feels neglected by the family; like he has to make all the plans and provide all the entertainment. I need to do my share. And I really need to learn all my family member's birthdays and send birthday cards to everyone. I feel like that's kind of important, right?

Anyway...I have just really talked about myself. A lot. So I will shut up now. I hope you all have a pleasant evening, don't drink and drive, spend it with someone you love, and rock on.


Just a few nuggets tonight, because I feel like I want something to exist here on 12-12-12...

- My brother started some stupid family drama that made me crazy and sad on Sunday, and then on Monday, I just decided I was over it. It's not my problem. I will simply stay out of it and nothing will change in any way because this has been going on for years and nothing is different. I feel bad for him, really. But I also wish he'd just get over himself and move the hell on with his life. He's 38 years old! Grow up, man.

- Any of my CSI/GSR peeps still around? I did not care for tonight's episode. I knew it was going to be bad but I had no idea it was going to be that bad. Sara really did have chemistry with Doug. And she needs her man and her man is always gone, and why? Where the hell is he, anyway? Get your ass back to Vegas, Grissom. Your woman needs you. It's just been so long since I've experienced this GSR angst. I guess it's nice that something is happening with them again because it really needed to be addressed, but I have no idea where it's going because this idiot is going to be a reoccuring character. Sighface.

- I have purchased exactly one Christmas present. I like to live on the edge.

- I need to go to bed, like, right now. I'm doing another overtimepalooza this week to make up for my three days of no income last week.

- So...good night. Have a good week, friends. And rock on.

I'm not saying this is a big deal or anything buttt...this is kind of a big deal.


I wrote a naughty thing. I do that sometimes.

Title: Come
Author: Lizwontcry
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Rating: Mature
Summary: As long as Elena will do anything to please Damon, they might as well have some sensual fun with it. Damon has a request for her, and she's more than willing to give it to him.
Spoilers: Spoilers for 4x08.

Maybe she was just a horny teenage vampire and he was going to be the target of her pent-up aggression. This was going to be fun....Collapse )

Dear Yuletide...

It's that time of year again! I like it.

Hello.Collapse )



OMG! I've been so terrible about LJ lately. But you all live in my hearts.

Other places I exist, so we're all on the same page:
Last FM
Hell, here's my facebook, too. If you play Song Pop, add me. 'Cause I'm obsessed.

Another thing I'm completely obsessed with right now? This cat that is all the rage on Reddit:

Like, I'm allergic to cats and don't particularly like them all that much but gosh, I just want to find this cat and hold it to my bosom. Meooowww.

In other news:
- I will be 33 in exactly two weeks. I'm mostly okay with it.

- My gallbladder surgery was almost a month ago. I've been doing well. At first I was losing weight because I was scared to eat anything but now I'm falling back into bad habits and I'm sad. I am learning that certain things will make weird things happen to my stomach, but it's almost not enough to keep me from eating what I want because that would happen pre-gallbladder removal anyway. But anyway, everything is healing fine and I didn't have any complications and it really could have been a lot worse. Thank goodness I got the more expensive insurance this year. I just felt like I was going to need it for some reason.

- I'm going to the farm this weekend...there's going to be so many dogs. I am seriously excited.

- For some reason I am fangirling harder than usual over CSI and GSR. Sara mentioning Grissom in 13x1 made me squeal with delight, even if it was in reference to one of the more heartbreaking moments of my OTP ever. Maybe CSI should have ended a few years ago but mostly I just find it delightful that my favorite show is in its 13th season. Also, I just can't seem to get over the amazing bad ass that is Sara Sidle. She's probably my favorite character in anything ever. And I have nothing in common with her. But I just love her so very much. Sighface.

- I did a ADIML last week. Now I just need to put it together and post it. But that takes effort.

- Not much going on in GNR land at the moment. The Vegas shows start in a month. Yay.

- Josh is still sick and although we're just dealing with it and expecting it at this point, a diagnosis would be lovely. But it is not forthcoming and that is annoying.

- One of my BFF co-workers quit to move to Kentucky and now we're down to two people during the day. We're both trying to be productive as possible but we're not robots. I haven't been very productive this week...like instead of working right now I am writing this, and that's not a good thing. I need to find some focus next week. I also wanted to not do overtime for a while but the higher-ups introduced an overtime incentive plan. Do 12 hours a week, get a $150 bonus. Where this has been the last 7 years I don't know, but I feel like I have to take advantage of it while I can. I can't pass up an extra $300 on a paycheck. Well, I can. But I don't want to.

So to summarize: work is extra busy, they're not hiring anyone new for a while, I need to be more productive, I need to write more, I need to take better care of myself, my boyfriend is adorable, I like cats, GSR forever, Sara Sidle is my spirit animal.

The Little Things

I wrote something! Yay!

Title: The Little Things
Author: Lizwontcry
Fandom: CSI
Rating: Teen
Summary: Morgan is a wreck while her dad is in surgery, and Sara helps her get
through the night. It's about relationships...with fathers, with the men in
their lives, and with themselves.
Word count: 2,600.
Disclaimer: I don't want to own it until Grissom comes back.
Spoilers: Season 12 finale.

She didn't elaborate, but Morgan had heard a few things about Sara's past. And Sara looked like she was in the mood to talk...Collapse )

Just a little something I wrote

Oh my gosh, I still haven't answered the comments from my last post. I will. TOMORROW. A small update: I'm back at work and I feel pretty decent 86% of the time. The other 14% is spent scratching my stomach, being utterly emotional for no apparent reason, and trying to figure out how to align my keyboard so it's not hitting me directly in the stomach. But tomorrow I get to work on both Vampire Diaries 401 and 402, so I'm happy. It doesn't take much.

But today I was going through the old entries I brought over from D-land and I feel compelled to share this. It's from 9 years ago. I was living in Austin and I was completely depressed; probably sadder and more emotionally unstable than I've ever been. I read this tonight and I was like, wow, that's pretty good. Then I was like...what the hell is that? I'm scared. Anyway. Here is a fun short story about...something. It really makes me see that I do dark stuff better and I should start writing that novel of mine before I lose all my darkness abilities.

If you need me, I will find you...

I found myself walking through the dark shadows of the night, willing my pain and isolation to dissapear. I felt desperate, I felt confused, and I felt angry. I was angry with myself, most of all, because I let myself get to this point. The point of madness.

And then he was there. Like I knew he would be.

He always showed up when I least expected it, and I never expected it because when he did show up, it was always when I felt like diving into the shallow end of an empty pool. These moments came and went, and so did he, but he was always there, lurking behind me, inside me, waiting, hoping. And I was dreaming of him.

He took me in his grasp, so beautiful that I lost my breath for too many seconds, yet so ugly and scarred from the past that I recoiled in fear and disgust. But when he kissed me, I regained my composure. I regained my senses. I was alive again.

He had a name, once. He was a living, breathing human. At some point, he turned into a phantasm, a cruel fantasy, a ghost that haunted my soul. But he was real. When we kissed, when our flesh merged together into one piece of fiery skin marked in a red glow, he was real.

I wrapped myself in him, forgetting my problems for the moment. Forgetting that my position in life was pointless, forgetting that the man I loved more than life itself had betrayed me since the day we met, always betraying me. I was dark when I once was light. I was nobody when I once I was me.

The darkness, my darkness. The flesh, the sin took me back to the place where he had come to exist. He whispered in my ear things I didn't want to hear and couldn't understand, things I thrived to hear and the things I knew by heart.

My heart stopped beating when his hot and rancid breath caressed my ear. The touch of his hot flesh made me feel things no human was capable of feeling. I screamed, but my silence was deafening.

Sometimes, I wondered where this dream world would come from. Did it only exist in my mind, in my heart, both? Or was it real? Who was he? Was he the devil, was he God? Why did he enter me and take my heart and keep it as his prize, his captive?

He once was real, but I betrayed him. I betrayed him for a betrayer and now I was the one being betrayed. He once was real, seen by the world, flesh and blood and all the pieces that fit together.

The word "soulmate" whispered from my lips when our red pulsating skins melted together like chocolate in the sun, but he would not hear it. This word, soulmate, angered him and he tried hurting me, tried to void me, but I couldn't. He was the void, and I fit so peacefully into the void.

I was stagnant. I was drifting. My mind raced back to the day when we first met, a day that I wonder still exists in the whole scheme of time and earth and existence. He told me, that very day, "If you need me, I will find you." I didn't understand. I was young, I was filled with hope and dreams and desires. But he never left me. He lived inside me. He evaporated, gleamed, glistened and boiled and melted. He was a ghost, and I was the haunted. But he was real.

As he took me again and gain, I started to regain my sanity, as I always did. But there was a new fiereceness inside him that would have scared me if I had the capacity to be scared. My flesh became cool and goosebumps formed and I felt human again. But at the sound of his unearthly whisper, I became a ghost again.

"Be with me, forever. Betray him. Betray yourself."

I recoiled. I bled. I ached, but I listened. He had never made such a request before. It always seemed right that we met like this - in a cloud, in my mind, in my heart, in the darkness.

But he continued to take me and my body rose to meet his advances. I knew I would do what he demanded. I was dead inside and he made me alive. The things that had meant so much once upon a time no longer existed. My hope was extinguished. The things I cherished, now just dust on concrete, oil on the highway, dusk on an unending day. I would do what he wanted, because I had no other choice. If I needed him. He would find me. He found me.

I found my way back to the place that held my earthly existence. My betrayer stood before me, demanding answers to questions that never had answers, we were once in love, but we were never soulmates. He was not like my darkness.

For the last moment of his life, I kissed my betrayer softly on his betraying lips. He was startled, and I saw an unrecognizable fear in his eyes. It made me sad to know that he knew I was betraying him, but as I fired the shot that would end his life, I was free. Free of my betrayer. But the one I betrayed, my soulmate, betrayed me. I needed him, he would find me if I need him, but I could not find him. He did not come. I was red with blood, scared of the coming winds, angry that my betrayer could no longer betray me.

My darkness never came back. My darkness got its revenge. As I betrayed the flesh and blood and love and soul that betrayed me, my darkness got his ultimate revenge in betraying the betrayer. And when I fired the shot into my own aching, bleeding, angry heart I realized that my soulmate never existed. My soulmate was my heart, and my heart had long ago died. My soul stayed alive, but when it died, nothing was lost.

Bye bye, gallbladder.

Welp, you guys more than anyone know how I've been complaining for yearrrsss about needing something to change? That I needed to lose weight but my bad habits were so hard for me to change for some reason? That it was probably never going to happen because I am not ever going to be capable of fixing it myself?

Well, my gallbladder decided that it had enough and needed a surgical intervention to get the hell out of my body. And now I have to always be careful about what I eat so I don't upset my stupid gallbladderless stomach. Like it or not, I have to give up burritos and ordering pizza and bagel pizzas and bagel dogs and french fries. And I am sad. But happy because soon, after everything has healed, I will feel so much better.

I had to go to the emergency room on Saturday night, and I had the surgery on Monday. Everyone seems fascinated by how I'm managing to not freak out and cry and stay in bed all day long and cry some more. I don't know. I think it's because my mom came from Utah and she's taking care of me and doing my laundry and making me healthy food and fixing my bandages and such. She leaves on Saturday. Let's see how well I do after that. And my BFF has been amazing and I owe her my firstborn child and Josh has been lovely and I've had people around constantly who care about me and are concerned about me. I am a very lucky girl right now. It could have been so much worse. So.much.worse. And I know it's a routine surgery and like half the females I know in the world have gone through it. So it's not a big deal, although it seems like it is at the time when it's happening to you.

There is obviously more to the story but I don't know if everyone wants all the gory details. Needless to say, I've had a wake-up call and I'm working on being grateful about it.

I hope you are all doing well and fine and good. I will catch up with you all momentarily.


- Good news! I seem to have cured my ridiculous Tumblr addiction that's been happening for almost 2 years. Bad news! I have merely replaced it with Reddit. Sadface.

- Last week I did 19.25 hours of overtime. Yay paycheck.

- Last night I cooked: about two pounds of flank steak for lunch this week (fajjitttasss), creamed chicken (which takes 2 hours to cook in the oven) for dinner this week, and a cake. The cake didn't taste very awesome. But I was proud of my culinary instincts last night.

- GNR is doing a residency in Vegas in November. Part of me thinks that's really dumb and Motley Crue did it first and can we please have a new album instead. And the other part of me thinks it's awesome and I of course want to go to as many shows as possible and then maybe go see my mom in Utah for a few days while I'm at it and just make it a whole thing. Good-bye, 19.25 hours of overtime. But I JUST saw then IN VEGAS on New Year's and I JUST went to my mom's in July and really there's just no way this should happen. So basically...get over it.

- I had Joey for a week and I lost like 8 pounds after all our 102 degree evening walks. It was fun. But then I worked the next week and didn't work out and didn't do so well on the diet so I probably gained all that back. I'm my own worst enemy.

- That is all for now. I really just wanted to say hello. Hello. I hope you all have a lovely week full of happy surprises.

Diary theater 2001

As I said before, I've been in the process of moving all my entries from Diaryland here, which is not easy because there were so many of them. Today I would like to present a post from exactly 11 years ago. Have I changed at all? I'll let you decide.

I am currently looking at some nice pictures of Axl. This here is a really good page of pictures! Oh lordy, do I like these pictures.

I've asked myself a few times, over the course of the last 8 years or so, if I still like Axl, or am I just continuing to like him out of rebellion. I have come to the conclusion, after listening to Use Your Illusion 1 about 5,000 times, and after looking at these pictures, and hearing people talk about them on MTV and VH1 specials about different things, that I still like him. Maybe not as obsessively as I once did, but still pretty damn much. I know he's not the model citizen, and I know he's strangely elusive, and I know the whole band left him here by his lonesome, I know alot of things but they don't change the fact that he's fucking gorgeous. If I could see him in concert just once, I would die a happy woman.

(Note to self - at least I have not only seen GNR "just once" but four times now? I accomplished a goal, yay.)

Oh dear...Collapse )

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